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Title: Hellblinki- Diggin\'

Submitted by: biffabacon

Title: I am a real man

Submitted by: ingvar

Title: Pantera1

Submitted by: drummerlou

Title: Dirty Rotten Imbeciles- Suit & Tie Guy

Submitted by: biffabacon

Title: Andrés Segovia- Bach\'s Gavotte

Submitted by: biffabacon

Title: Dethklok- Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle (haha)

Submitted by: biffabacon

Title: The Dillards- Dooley

Submitted by: biffabacon

Title: Sex Pistols- Holiday in the Sun

Submitted by: biffabacon

Title: Metallica - The four horsemen

Submitted by: vladtepes

Title: Ozzy - Mr. Crowley

Submitted by: vladtepes

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